1200 Calorie Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast 15 Kgs in 1 Month | Full Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss | Eat more Lose more

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Comments :

Eat more Lose more

Eat more Lose more . 4 months ago

Thank you for watching this video. 🙏🙏

Sandhya Garg

Sandhya Garg . 5 days ago

How much paneer for paneer salad

Amarjeet Singh

Amarjeet Singh . 2 weeks ago

Omg itna kuchh karne ki koi jarurat nhi hai follow calorie deficit download fittr they will make ur diet according to you don't follow someone's diet itna kuchh koi ni kar sakta or ha yai diet aapka metabolic rate kam kar dega agar aap kuchh khaoge to fir gain ho jayga😂


M_O_H_A_M_M_E_D . 4 weeks ago

Thank u for the diet plan

Gethel Fitness & Health

Gethel Fitness & Health . 1 month ago

I have lost 2 kg in 3 days, by taking masala oats in breakfast and dinner. Oats are very useful in weight loss A life without health is like a concert without music. Take care of your health and life will take care of you...!!

Sonia Pal

Sonia Pal . 1 month ago

Yes we can loose weight but this diet doesn’t have enough protein for sure.

Sana Khan

Sana Khan . 2 months ago

Person will feel weak after 2-3 days. Not healthy.

Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan . 2 months ago

Do we have to exercise with this diet plan. If yes then for how much time.

sheikha's kitchen

sheikha's kitchen . 2 months ago

Thanks super 🙏🙏🙏🙏pliz subscribe

Priya Ghosh

Priya Ghosh . 3 months ago

Nice video mam..you always inspired me a lot

rashmita das

rashmita das . 4 months ago

Ma'am Mera waight 68 kg ,main 15 kg waight loss krna chatihun,pls suggest maam

Sonali Kachhal

Sonali Kachhal . 4 months ago

Ma'am please give thyroid diet plan

John davidson

John davidson . 4 months ago

Amazing video Sir & My weight was 84 KGG & after following this regular diet, workout everyday and along with taking thinner you pack of planet ayurveda for last 3 months and i already lost 8 KGS I hope everyone will follow this diet to stay healthy


MILLET MAHARANI . 4 months ago

Kindly suggest a brand for chamomile tea

Luciano Dean

Luciano Dean . 4 months ago

Good content! 1:87

Monica Talwar

Monica Talwar . 4 months ago

Super I will try for tomorrow

Learning to grow

Learning to grow . 4 months ago

No protein at all its very unhealthy plan to go with


Kiran . 4 months ago

For dinner options wht is d quantity of paneer plz tell me or can I replace it with eggs??Thank u for d diet plan

Medha Krish

Medha Krish . 4 months ago

Mam in lunch can we take red rice or brown rice

Oakley Mendoza

Oakley Mendoza . 4 months ago

Great content,

Vegi Bharathi

Vegi Bharathi . 4 months ago

how can i join in ur group any cost

Health Tips For Healthy Life

Health Tips For Healthy Life . 4 months ago

15kg in what period?🤔

Dad Prodz

Dad Prodz . 4 months ago

Watch only 10 seconds of my video, I'll do it for yours => https://shrinke.me/0E5I


anika . 4 months ago


Mamta Oberoi

Mamta Oberoi . 4 months ago

Mam we should not loose more than 4 kgs a month and if we loose 15 we will have many side effects

Be Beauteous

Be Beauteous . 4 months ago

👍👍👍 this is the best one, can we add sugar to tea or coffee in mor

Vegi Bharathi

Vegi Bharathi . 4 months ago

very nice vedio mam

Reshmi Das

Reshmi Das . 4 months ago

instead of no salt can we use pink salt?

Pritha Mondal

Pritha Mondal . 4 months ago

Actually the calories showing in the screen is wrong 😅 1 almonds has around 7-8 calories..then how 5 almond is 120 calories 😒🥴 don't give wrong information please

Rabia Ikram

Rabia Ikram . 4 months ago

Can diabetics patient follow this plan Is it safe ....... please reply

Organized lifestyle

Organized lifestyle . 4 months ago

Can you tell me any other options instead of apple cider vinegar water before lunch

Food Forever & Vlogs

Food Forever & Vlogs . 4 months ago

Very nice video thanks for sharing

Sheik Zuha

Sheik Zuha . 4 months ago

Ma’am plz say me how to contact you Plzzz 🙏🙏

super relaxation 😌

super relaxation 😌 . 4 months ago

Nice 👍 And soft voice ❣️

Nithyasree U

Nithyasree U . 4 months ago

Pls suggest a south Indian weight loss diet

Anjili Garg

Anjili Garg . 4 months ago

Mam PLZZ teenager thyroid weight loss diet plan banaye na🙏🙏

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