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Hi hoochies!
Its giving veery much chopped lmfaooo!
Hope you guys enjoyed this video!

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Comments :

Mustafa Hayder

Mustafa Hayder . 4 days ago

Dude how do you eat eggs they smell bad .

Witch of feminine Power

Witch of feminine Power . 6 days ago

That's a really nice video that attitude though😂💅

Kia Sanders

Kia Sanders . 3 weeks ago

Thank you! You’re so beautiful & pure ✨


Kaonashi . 3 weeks ago

i love how you actually go through the foods as you make it and show us how. it’s very helpful and makes it so much easier. thank you so much <3

Chrisnelle Marcelin

Chrisnelle Marcelin . 4 weeks ago

This can't be right potatoes at 9 pm🥴

Sandy vdh

Sandy vdh . 4 weeks ago

Glad to see she points out that " the less salt the more hydrated you are" which is indeed healthier

Easy Diettt

Easy Diettt . 1 month ago

This is the easiest way to lose weight:


VIKDASO . 1 month ago

Thanks I’ll try some of these

T axr

T axr . 1 month ago

Great video! All the recipes are easy. And realistic.

Isobella Clark

Isobella Clark . 1 month ago

You are so beautiful omg

Christina J

Christina J . 2 months ago

Okay but I'm kind of frustrated because I don't like feeling dizzy and I can't afford to eat like this there is nothing healthy in my house and I have to wait a week to get paid (I do hair) and I have no energy for anything I'm dizzy and sluggish. I feel guilty for not exercising for 2 days because I feel dizzy


ShannonE . 2 months ago

If you make the toast at the end it’s gonna taste way better.

Everythinglarissa6 Everythinglarissa6

Everythinglarissa6 Everythinglarissa6 . 2 months ago

The voice tho🤷🏽‍♀️

Lexi Lexi

Lexi Lexi . 3 months ago

Gurl your before and after are both GOALS

Barbara Jean Lemon67

Barbara Jean Lemon67 . 3 months ago

I will forever remain grateful to Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel who cured me from Diabetes disease with his herbs medication that I ordered from him


katre . 3 months ago

Hey guys here is some info that can help you create a plan that works for you.

Marilyn R

Marilyn R . 3 months ago

Very much appreciate you doing this

Kayla Trausch

Kayla Trausch . 3 months ago

Did the intro say “Hey hoochies?” 😂💀

No Name

No Name . 3 months ago

Your promoting an eating disorder. Your not getting your calorie intake you should be which in retrospect a child’s calorie intake is 2,000 - 2,800 calories per day. It’s not “cool” to promote something that could change someone’s life by possibly giving someone an eating disorder. Being healthy is good but what your doing is basically killing your body.

Jasara Thompson

Jasara Thompson . 3 months ago

I love a lot of pepper and red pepper too

kimberlyann x

kimberlyann x . 3 months ago

how long do you cook your chicken for ?

Stephanie Martin

Stephanie Martin . 3 months ago

girl why are u saying calorie like that


Kirk . 3 months ago

so many vitamins. waste of your money


xoxobeautyxoxo . 3 months ago

I know this is a very old video but I just want to say be careful with taking too much biotin because it can counter react itself and cause you to loose hair

Gabriel Lopez

Gabriel Lopez . 3 months ago

I think you look better without any makeup just lashes lmao. just my opinion

Ruth Mcdonald

Ruth Mcdonald . 3 months ago

if you closed your eyes, swear to god her voice is exactly like Mila Kunis!!

lisa carrero

lisa carrero . 4 months ago

Its hard to keep to the diet if your not home all day. Thats where i mess up..

Tiana Miller

Tiana Miller . 4 months ago

Can you do more what what I eat in a day videos


IRAQII . 4 months ago

I like ur channel sooo much; keep going

Em D

Em D . 4 months ago

you sound and look like rihanna❤️


THIWAKON KOTMANEE . 4 months ago

I lost over 20lbs in two months. Just visit a website called Agoge Diet, choose the foods you like and they will provide you with 30-DAY diet plan and training plan. Finally I got my six pack :D

Nathiya Saravanan

Nathiya Saravanan . 4 months ago

Good idea


Sumaiyaahh . 4 months ago

You should also incorporate magnesium supplements into your diet if you want to boost your mood.

Carrie Woodside

Carrie Woodside . 4 months ago

Always cook your ground turkey first and then add vegetables once the meat is cooked.

Lana Isabel

Lana Isabel . 4 months ago

Its not cloric deficit, it calory deficit 😅😅😅😅

Francesca #LCHF #2MAD ⚡⚡ #KissArmy #TeamGene

Francesca #LCHF #2MAD ⚡⚡ #KissArmy #TeamGene . 4 months ago

I season my chicken and turkey using a tea blend that is made of green tea, ginger and lemon zest, and black pepper. Straight out of the tea bag. I don't drink that, I use it as a spice


Elpirt6 . 4 months ago

how did u become white after loosing 20 pounds lmao

Courtney Jean Claude

Courtney Jean Claude . 4 months ago

I’m not sure the calories or macros are correct it doesn’t seem as if she is counting all the olive oil used when cooking? Just asking?


Girlnexdor . 4 months ago

The natural flavor in the bar is an enhancement for taste so technically there is stuff in there you don’t know about


JustCass . 4 months ago

It all looks so good!

Nera Gazzari

Nera Gazzari . 4 months ago

How many cal all together? And how much do u burn in a workout aprox? Great vid :)

Mnurah A

Mnurah A . 4 months ago

Now I weight 59 hopefully I come back after month weighting 50 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Crownedbymads . 4 months ago

"another little flava profile" why did that make me laugh aha thanks girl I needed some new recipes!


BlahGirl . 4 months ago

These were fun little meals, and I was looking for ways to up my protein more easily. Thanks for the ideas ✨

Patrycja Maciejewska

Patrycja Maciejewska . 4 months ago

Cooking sprays have calories! Love the video xx

Jojo sweetie

Jojo sweetie . 4 months ago

You sound like Rihanna


YourAwkwardCousin . 4 months ago

Not me intermittent fasting for 32 hours already ✌ (I mostly do 16 hours i already know constantly fasting for more than a day isnt good ._.)


🤍 ANGELA 🤍 . 4 months ago


Denicia Best

Denicia Best . 4 months ago

Sis looking like Megan from bgc O.O

Stephanie Onyekaba

Stephanie Onyekaba . 4 months ago

The reason y'all don't like healthy food is because you don't season it. TAKE NOTES FROM HER

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