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Drink Green Tea Every Day, See What Happens To Your Body


Published on 3 years ago

How to Boost Your Health. Tea is the second most popular drink after water. Green tea has been consumed for thousands of years. It’s definitely tasty and healthy, but what about the number of calories? The answer is zero! With many health benefits, green tea is praised for helping people lose weight, burn fat, and boost metabolism. Check out these 8 reasons why you should switch your morning coffee or lunchtime soda for a cup of green tea to give your health a boost!

Live a heart-healthy life 0:57
Boost metabolism and burn fat 1:40
Live longer 2:26
Fight anxiety 3:06
Kill bacteria in your body and teeth 3:54
Weight loss 4:44
Improve brain function and lower your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease 5:31
Lower your risk of diabetes 6:18
Conditions when you should avoid green tea 7:27


-Drinking green tea has been proved to significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease thanks to catechins it contains.
-The catechins in green tea are also responsible for giving us a metabolism boost and burning fat.
-Green tea can improve your overall health, so it’s natural that it improves your quality of life and keeps you going well into your senior years.
-Green tea has been proven to reduce anxiety and have powerful positive effects on mental health.
-The main constituent of green tea has anti-infective properties, and it has been shown to act as an antiviral agent against viruses like influenza A and hepatitis C.
-Given that green tea can boost your metabolism and burn fat, it’s a great element to consider adding to your weight loss routine.
-Green tea improves our cognition and is beneficial to our memory and attention. Green tea contains caffeine, which is a stimulant.
-A study conducted in Japan over a period of 5 years with over 17,000 people found that those who were regular drinkers of green tea were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes versus people who drank very little or none.

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Comments :


BRIGHT SIDE . 3 years ago

Hey guys! How many times a day do you drink tea?

victor victory

victor victory . 6 days ago

Ye has metabolism.

CheckMATE! 73

CheckMATE! 73 . 1 week ago

After my workouts I make iced green tea. Gives me Energy and mental clarity!!!

Riya Agrawal

Riya Agrawal . 2 weeks ago

I totally agree with fight anxiety point... I feel happy in little things also and stop taking so much of stress negativity nd anxiety... I don't know the reason but as time passes I realize it was bcoz I start having green tea everyday 3 times a day!!

alex braun

alex braun . 3 weeks ago

Can drinking decaf green tea at night also help you loose weight?

Scroll Creation

Scroll Creation . 3 weeks ago

I'll always take 4 to 5 cups of green tea per day i have no disease or anything I'm healthy🙂

Everything Is here

Everything Is here . 2 months ago

Can i add sugar to my green tea?👀 Please suggest me if anybody in knows about it!!

Iris Eiselt

Iris Eiselt . 2 months ago

I drink daily between 3 & 5 cups of green tea 🍵 🥰🥰🥰✅

silent queen

silent queen . 3 months ago

Green tea lover attendence here✋

Alex B

Alex B . 3 months ago


TheWarlordz TheGreatOne

TheWarlordz TheGreatOne . 4 months ago

Personal tip: if your always on the go and don't have time to boil water. Get regular water bottle and just add the tea bag in it and let it sit until water turns golden. I have been drink green tea for 2 months daily and lost 15 lbs and only walking is my exercise. It's worked for me and don't like drinking hot beverages so I hope this helps. Also have patience doing it this way but it works the same.


SHAWN . 4 months ago

Can green tea make lose weight with a healthy diet but without exercising

Ashanti Jackson

Ashanti Jackson . 4 months ago

My fist time drinking

Devansh Kuchhal

Devansh Kuchhal . 4 months ago



lightskin._.baddie03 . 5 months ago

stopped drinking greeen tea for a week and gained 4 pounds back do to constipation so im drinking grean tea again to help me lose my weight again. i dont wanna give up im trying to lose 20-25 pounds before October 27th which is my birthday hehe

fran fries

fran fries . 5 months ago

I drink green everyday it really supported me while i work out

Ferricity AMV

Ferricity AMV . 5 months ago

what if its just the tea and not green tea

The Different

The Different . 5 months ago

Yeah it INCREASED my METABOLISM and the results are shown like ,the DAY when i DONT drink GRREN TEA i SWEAT LESS and the DAY i DRINK GREEN TEA i SWEAT MORE during workout, So the GREEN TEA is eFECTIVe :)


AARU FUN CLUB . 5 months ago

Who is drinking green tea while watching this?😂😂😂


TakSad . 6 months ago

Bright side is just more scientific dora the explora


Laydeemystic26 . 6 months ago

Drinking green tea whilst watching this and looking at my gut to see if it's shrunk😂


TailFreakDragon . 6 months ago

I love tea tea help go to sleep and relax.

Kirsten Brewer

Kirsten Brewer . 6 months ago

Love drinking green tea, especially green tea with Jasmine 💕

Georgias singing 🎵

Georgias singing 🎵 . 6 months ago

Me watching bright side weight loss: Me: mum!! Can you make me a cup of green tea with honey thank you 😂😂☕️☕️🍯🍯

Georgias singing 🎵

Georgias singing 🎵 . 6 months ago

I’m drinking green tea right now ❤️☕️🍯

Mona M. Elmahdy

Mona M. Elmahdy . 7 months ago

I'm only here cuz my mom made a surgery and she got to many chocolate and I've been eating it too much soo I'm making sure the this might help me not gain weight

highend custom design car audio

highend custom design car audio . 7 months ago

Tea green tea all dangers .


MariaMukbang . 7 months ago

Drinking tea atm 😊


RandomManFlorida . 7 months ago

What about coffee-

Fading away

Fading away . 8 months ago

I drink green tea without sugar

Disbeemoon 111k

Disbeemoon 111k . 8 months ago

4 simple hacks to lose weight ✨ 1: Drink more water 2: intermittent fasting 3: take small meals 4: walk for 20-30 min every single day Im doin this for a week now n lost 3kgs so far ✨ Just Remember that you didn't gain this weight so quickly it took some time so it will go away in some time Highlights : Just dont giveup ✨ Stay healthy 🖤 Everyone is beautiful 🖤✨


Sykedelik . 8 months ago

Green tea got me out of jail. Thank you green tea 😏👍🍵

Shreya Singh

Shreya Singh . 9 months ago

What will happen if we are taking green tea and after weight loss we stop taking it .?


Hecker . 9 months ago

Green tea benefits: live longer Childish gambino: *"DIS IS AMERICA"*

Levi pls pls spit in my mouth

Levi pls pls spit in my mouth . 9 months ago

Im only here cuz i need to lose sum weight 😂


halojimmy7 . 10 months ago

I like Bigelow's green tea 🍵 I have plain, Mint, & Mango

Jed Fuentes

Jed Fuentes . 10 months ago

Can i get a green tea benefits if i drink only one per day?

sarah az

sarah az . 10 months ago

i lost about 2 kg in month without exercise and diet. i drink almost 13 sachet of green tea. they said drink green tea can help to deal with anxiety. so i think it is true

Adarsh Tripathi

Adarsh Tripathi . 10 months ago

Lipton greentea best effects or not reply

Never More

Never More . 11 months ago

Men i try to drink green tea im eat only a bread a few minutes i feel hungry

Gauri jain

Gauri jain . 11 months ago

I drink green tea daily from 3 4 years

Kimberly Ann Magtanong

Kimberly Ann Magtanong . 11 months ago

Is it ok to drink green tea while taking contraceptive pill?

Keisha Juggar

Keisha Juggar . 11 months ago

ty, bc i have green tea and i am gonna do my dream and become a ballerina

Alixte's World

Alixte's World . 12 months ago

I drink Green Tea everyday.🍵 I drink it because it helps clear the pimples and you lose weight. So I'm like super skinny...


Mariamizuert . 12 months ago

After drinking green tea I’m not worried about my exam anymore


HealthyGuide4You . 12 months ago

Great Christmas Gift Ideas

Nick Jenkins

Nick Jenkins . 1 year ago

Try it for a week it really works!

Kitty’s Butter

Kitty’s Butter . 1 year ago

Tbh I only drink green tea cuz I love it not cuz it’s gonna make me skinny


No . 1 year ago

I absolutely love green tea! so this should be a bit easy, but just to make it work a bit more ima start exercising too and also changing my diet a bit.


kularek93 . 1 year ago

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