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Chicken Alfredo Atkins Recipe Induction Phase
Panlasang Pinaypay

Panlasang Pinaypay

Published on 6 years ago

Its a low carb high protein dish design made for my hubby in his induction period of Atkins diet. The carbs will mainly come from broccoli which is minimal. This is best for pasta for those who are not carb controlled diet:)

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Comments :


RICKOVERZ DREAM . 2 months ago

I basically make my Alfredo like normal, but no pasta...duHHH!!! I looked at labels for cream and butter and see there is 0 in butter and less than 1 carb in cream.. WOW, not I can enjoy my Induction phase that much more. Thanks for this!!!


LuckyRed2066 . 3 months ago

Wow this is awesome! Ive been looking for different yet easy recipes for my Son's diet (I'm vegan, lol so I need easy, simple AND few ingredients.) Thank you soooo much!


nickgoogtv . 10 months ago

Chicken MUST be seared before EVER adding it to those vegetables! I completely lost my appetite on watching THAT happen! OMG!

Jenny OShea

Jenny OShea . 11 months ago

Cream cheese not allowed in first phase. Hard cheese only. Otherwise looks yummy

Jay Rojas

Jay Rojas . 1 year ago

that does not look appealing at all. Takes too long to make and the its better doing it th traditional way. less calories too.


Desi . 1 year ago

Just made it. OMG.... It taste amazing! * I followed the advice from the comments and seared the chicken beforehand. So yummy. Thank you!

Life Change Advice with Tiffany

Life Change Advice with Tiffany . 1 year ago

Looks so yummy

Donna C

Donna C . 3 years ago

I think I'd cut down the butter

venus zahra

venus zahra . 3 years ago

This will kill me!!!!!!! A lot of butter

Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse . 3 years ago

has anyone calculated the carb/protein/fat content per serving? Looks great!

Helenice Chroniger

Helenice Chroniger . 4 years ago

The chicken should have been seared before adding it to the dish to avoid all of this water.

Raven Wood

Raven Wood . 4 years ago

Looks a bit watery. Try steaming the broccoli by itself, bake the chicken by itself and then pour the sauce over all of it. Goodjob though. You can also steam cauliflower, blend it until smooth and add all the seasonings and cheese in it. Very creamy!!! Great as a sauce or look up how to make cauliflower "mashed potatoes". Delish!

Linda Redden

Linda Redden . 4 years ago

Can you use Cauliflower instead of brocc???

pty boxing

pty boxing . 4 years ago

man that looks like a lot of carbs for INDUCTION. I'm calling bs on this.. This would kill the ketosis we all are looking for..


Saccharo . 5 years ago

Don't forget to add some nutmeg too! Once you try alfredo with nutmeg you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Karen Quick

Karen Quick . 5 years ago

Low Carb Yum and I subbed!

Lisa King

Lisa King . 5 years ago

looks good but use a serving spoon!😨

Santhai Michael

Santhai Michael . 5 years ago

im from malaysia from where i can buy those ingredients ? .. malaysia shops dont sell this ..

Rana Umar

Rana Umar . 5 years ago

Hello can you plz tell how many carbs are in this

Mamaline’s Life

Mamaline’s Life . 6 years ago


Vannah Boo

Vannah Boo . 6 years ago

looks yum!

The Equinox Fashion

The Equinox Fashion . 6 years ago

it looks yum!

Cups World

Cups World . 6 years ago

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KITTYNESS87 . 6 years ago

hi sis thank you for visiting my channel i sub back yummy recipe


AChuTV . 6 years ago

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Scarlett - Darleen

Scarlett - Darleen . 6 years ago

Beautiful ❤ Thumbs up . ☆☆☆☆☆ I subscribed you. 🎸🎹🎤🎼 ♬ ♫ ♪ ♩ 🎶🎵 (◕‿◕)


lonbarlena1 . 6 years ago

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Volentless . 6 years ago

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SanSanychTV . 6 years ago

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Džedemina . 6 years ago

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syrai . 6 years ago

Look yummy! Thumbs up 👍

Imaani Beauty

Imaani Beauty . 6 years ago

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KCVids816 . 6 years ago

Looks good nice video :)

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vHeRn SiMoN

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Mae Can

Mae Can . 6 years ago

parang ang sarap netooo!!!

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking . 6 years ago

you can't go wrong with that recipe.

jasper wind

jasper wind . 6 years ago

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Annie Farmer's Farm

Annie Farmer's Farm . 6 years ago

looks good

Mars Arroyo

Mars Arroyo . 6 years ago

Thanks for this!! Will try this some other time! <3 I subbed anyway! Kyaaa <3


iamjheckadg . 6 years ago

Hi! i enjoyed watching your video. Just subbed you. please sub back, it means alot. thank you!

Grizzly Steve

Grizzly Steve . 6 years ago

Taste Great too honey

Darling Kokak

Darling Kokak . 6 years ago

delish healthy na medyu hindi.

cook with manisha

cook with manisha . 6 years ago

Easy & quick recipe..it's look delicious :)


Soumz . 6 years ago

Looks easy 😊👌🏻


MokenchiTV . 6 years ago

That looks so delicious! :) tfs! I enjoyed this video. Thumbs up! I just found your channel and subscribed! Please check out my channel when you get a chance, thanks! :D



Fantastic video :) Ⓢ Ⓤ Ⓟ Ⓔ Ⓡ👍Thank you very much.!.Happy day.) Greetings!’◕¸◕’ ) BIG LIKE FROM INDONESIA :)SUBBED


MakeupByShiellaFry . 6 years ago

yummmmm!.... <3

Marmac RV Adventures

Marmac RV Adventures . 6 years ago

Sana Lahat Ayos ... Sige !

Nini Dulce

Nini Dulce . 6 years ago

sarap naman nyan,thumbs up sis

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