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Published on 9 months ago

FASTEST BELLY Stomach FAT BURNER DRINK | TOTAL BODY FAT WEIGHTLOSS TEA| drink all you want, and lose belly fat in 1 week at HOME with simple Ingredients. NO workouts! No fasting! No crazy diet
This flat tummy drink includes lemon, cinnamon, ginger, and hot pepper

Lemon is good for weight loss and peels contains:
- 5-10 times more vitamin C
than lemon juice
- polyphenols(helps to burn fat)
- pectin fiber(makes you full &
boost your immune system)

Ginger is a fat burner and contains:
- Gingerols which have an
anti-obesity effect,stabilize
your blood sugar levels thereby
making you lose weight.

Cinnamon is also great if you want to lose belly fat and helps :
- boost metabolism
- decrease blood sugar
encouraging weight loss

Hot Pepper is a super fat melting ingredient and contains:
- capsaicin which speed up your metabolism
and decreases your appetite
- increases metabolism and speeds up fat burn
- heats up the body and you burns calories

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Comments :


bloomify . 9 months ago

Wowww, my mom used to make this drink, it truly works. Thanks for sharing😄😁

Gilbert Gonzales

Gilbert Gonzales . 7 days ago

I would add salt rather than sweetener . that's just my preference

Adeshina Khadijat

Adeshina Khadijat . 1 week ago

Where can I get the cinnamon seed please...Thank you


Sweetbeeluvera . 1 week ago

I remember drinking this but I would cut the ginger in slices and drop it in the water and drink it cold like a lemonade and it was working I stopped for whatever reasons but now I'm going to start again!

Osifeso Motunrayo

Osifeso Motunrayo . 2 weeks ago

Can I use cinnamon powder

Che cheree

Che cheree . 2 weeks ago

its my second day 😁, and it will decrease your appetite

Justine Vanessa Brimon

Justine Vanessa Brimon . 1 month ago

Is it ok to use cinnamon powder?

Angelie Villaver

Angelie Villaver . 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing. I will love to try it. Appreciate

Anastasia Afanasjeva

Anastasia Afanasjeva . 2 months ago

Thank you. I will try!!!

Ashok Devjani

Ashok Devjani . 2 months ago

Very Good

toman maraj

toman maraj . 2 months ago

Can you store the rest in the fridge

walter pinkston

walter pinkston . 2 months ago

is it possible to not use cinnamon stick and still lose weight?

Katiemay Xo

Katiemay Xo . 2 months ago

My mom use to make this I also used it,definitely works!

Yt Rain

Yt Rain . 2 months ago

When do you have to drink it

Terri G

Terri G . 2 months ago

I’m going to try this, Thank you 🙏🏾

Vlogs by HS

Vlogs by HS . 2 months ago

Keep going 👍

Klz Tonihi

Klz Tonihi . 2 months ago

Just wondering if we could add turmeric instead of the pepper??

Sophie's FIT

Sophie's FIT . 2 months ago

Wau thank you 💯👍


GEE MIN . 2 months ago

I only have cinnamon powder. How much should I use?

ogee. gram

ogee. gram . 2 months ago

Can I use lime?

nick coyote

nick coyote . 2 months ago

Hi. After making a batch, can it be refrigerated and also, how long is it's potency? When adding the pepper, is that done to every glass you drink? Thank you kindly.

Ajeet Tiwari

Ajeet Tiwari . 2 months ago

Wow this actually works amazing .... I have been taking this for 5 days and my 2 kgs weight loss is there 😊☺️

Good Night

Good Night . 2 months ago

I will try this one, I hope it helps my belly fat slowly burns hahaha


tah🇺🇬 . 2 months ago

Gonna give a try am 71kgs I will be back in month to tell whether I got some changes

Fakiha Ahmed

Fakiha Ahmed . 2 months ago

Can i add turmeric instead of hot pepper?

akshay akshay

akshay akshay . 2 months ago

What is the good time to drink it ... Early morning or anytime ?

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake . 2 months ago

Can you drink this drink well breastfeeding?

Pooja Kanojia

Pooja Kanojia . 2 months ago

We have to drink it warm or we can drink it cold as well

Roz Morgan

Roz Morgan . 3 months ago

thanks so much


Constantia . 3 months ago

Does it taste bitter??

Maylin plays roblox!

Maylin plays roblox! . 3 months ago


Gene Loves Jezebel

Gene Loves Jezebel . 3 months ago

What if cinnamon is not available is there an alternative for cinnamon? Thanks

Gloria Sammons

Gloria Sammons . 3 months ago

Can I use garlic instead of ginger

Amo Mpyatona

Amo Mpyatona . 3 months ago

Can I use cinnamon powder instead of the stick? how much of it would I need?

Mademoiselle Noir

Mademoiselle Noir . 3 months ago

Can I skip chili pepper step? I can't bear it

April Summerlin

April Summerlin . 3 months ago

I don't like Ginger or cinnamon I'm just going to have to go lemon 🤣😭

Chris Stubbs

Chris Stubbs . 3 months ago

Can you use non organic lemons ?🍋

Mario Diaz-Morales

Mario Diaz-Morales . 3 months ago

How many times a day should i drink this to start burning the belly fat?

Nayrisha McCauley

Nayrisha McCauley . 3 months ago

I need to try this because I've been trying to lose weight for a while


Remonda . 3 months ago

Do u add the reserved lemon when it’s hot or when it cool down?

shanice turner

shanice turner . 3 months ago

Thank you am going try this

Odumo Mnandi

Odumo Mnandi . 3 months ago


bakchodi next level

bakchodi next level . 3 months ago

Loss of only fat or muscles.? Plz tell

KN Byam

KN Byam . 3 months ago

Who else skipped to the end? Lol


JayRoyce . 3 months ago

Question: do you have to drink this 3 times a day

Prasadkumar Koviri

Prasadkumar Koviri . 3 months ago

How many days should we use it?


ABC_Tech . 3 months ago

Can my kids Drink this ?


Jennet . 4 months ago

Hi can i don't use pepper and ginger, I'm allergic to them. And will it work for me only lemons and cinnamon?


R3belZ33 . 4 months ago

Aftermaking it, how long can i store the drink on th3 icebox?

Rubina Ahmed

Rubina Ahmed . 4 months ago

I am trying to drink this but it's to spicy to drink the cayeen makes it to spicy please tell me different ways to drink this I really want to try it but to spicy to drink

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