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How The Food You Eat Affects Your Brain Mia Nacamulli


Published on 5 years ago

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When it comes to what you bite, chew and swallow, your choices have a direct and long-lasting effect on the most powerful organ in your body: your brain. So which foods cause you to feel so tired after lunch? Or so restless at night? Mia Nacamulli takes you into the brain to find out.

Lesson by Mia Nacamulli, animation by Private Island.

Comments :

Ghulam Mustafa

Ghulam Mustafa . 1 day ago

I am disliking this video. it is full of false information. I like junk food a lot and I want to eat more of it

Gerald Lewis

Gerald Lewis . 1 day ago

Detox the bad stuff and put good stuff in there


Muhammad . 3 days ago

I would like to point out that many nuts look EXACTLY like brains (namely whole walnuts) what a miracle that their biggest benefit pertains to the brain

Aihpos Backwards

Aihpos Backwards . 3 days ago

"different foods can improve your attention span!" *laughs in inattentive adhd*

best lifestyle

best lifestyle . 5 days ago

very useful video, thank you for sharing that

Elisa Ramos

Elisa Ramos . 5 days ago

strongly believe restoring ones gut health can help with depression!

ivan de lacruz

ivan de lacruz . 7 days ago

Checkmate Fasting people!

Katie S

Katie S . 7 days ago

Me before: I don’t eat fish or nuts Me after this video: mom do you have any fish

Kenz300 x

Kenz300 x . 1 week ago

Go vegan for your health, whole food plant based. Go vegan for the animals. Go vegan for the planet. A lower risk of heart disease and cancer for you and a better planet for everyone, human and animals. Eating healthy is not a diet it is a healthy life style.

Madeeha Ali

Madeeha Ali . 2 weeks ago

Wow Such an amazing video

Young Teacher Alex

Young Teacher Alex . 2 weeks ago

Inappropriate oops Oakland

gioviar design graphic

gioviar design graphic . 2 weeks ago

Very interesting for my brain

ronda yehia

ronda yehia . 2 weeks ago

Does this mean that food isn’t good for your brain,

lisiy rofl

lisiy rofl . 2 weeks ago

The absence of a proper diet is the reason why so many of us are mentally ill.

Midnight Chocolate

Midnight Chocolate . 3 weeks ago

“The complex combination of compounds” Spoken like a true poet

Just Nic

Just Nic . 3 weeks ago

Food directly impacts the entire function of your body. Idk why this even needs to be explained 😂


JAX . 3 weeks ago

bows down to education


Xx_TankGuy_xX . 3 weeks ago

If you sucked


WavyToca . 3 weeks ago

very helpful


WavyToca . 3 weeks ago



Alastor . 3 weeks ago

I see so nutrients is the key to access to telekinesis.


Dvnnny . 4 weeks ago

Who else high af eating nuggets


Phoenix_Rouge . 4 weeks ago

If I have a problem with food? I dont want to eat

Marcelo Ribeiro Simões

Marcelo Ribeiro Simões . 4 weeks ago

Terrible American standards...

Dr Alaka

Dr Alaka . 4 weeks ago

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Goddess Redina

Goddess Redina . 4 weeks ago

Why does it feel like your little CG people were captured and being forced to be part of your videos? :D

Elena Chiritescu

Elena Chiritescu . 4 weeks ago

I love the animations! 🥰


siris615 . 4 weeks ago

Sounds a little bit like ryan Reynolds

promise asekomeh

promise asekomeh . 4 weeks ago

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i.was.never.here.bye.... . 4 weeks ago

Anyone else watching for phy ed?

Reese Reyes

Reese Reyes . 1 month ago

so can eating too much carbs make someone more sleepy or less sleepy?


Chloe . 1 month ago

now someone make a list of what to eat so i can stop falling asleep in class and failing math


maybememory1 . 1 month ago

Very interesting! I've found that, since my concussion last year, if I eat sugar, dairy or something junky, I'm basically useless the rest of the day. Most people don't think about how the food they eat directly affects their body

Asfia Noor Azowa

Asfia Noor Azowa . 1 month ago

3:41 why does that looks like a Bangladesh flag?

Asfia Noor Azowa

Asfia Noor Azowa . 1 month ago

1:44 what is the red one doing srsly?

Sophie Wang

Sophie Wang . 1 month ago

Apart from taking meals, I started taking fish oil in order to suffer from short term memories problem which already has this problem unfortunately.

Damian Ellis

Damian Ellis . 1 month ago

You didn't talk about meat at all; Why?

Think Health

Think Health . 1 month ago

Wonderful ! Here is my yt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhA6oqLFCpc&t=3s


Galactic . 1 month ago

I dont like this animation it makes me uneasy

Tyler Sarah

Tyler Sarah . 1 month ago

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Rose Abella

Rose Abella . 1 month ago

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First class Ocean ، وائل شاب أنا . 1 month ago

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Alexander Velastegui

Alexander Velastegui . 1 month ago

hay alguien que hable español pueden entenderme

Cameron Rose

Cameron Rose . 1 month ago

Haha they said nuts

Omar Krimou

Omar Krimou . 1 month ago

Why do I see dancing food am I on acid or something 1:21

Wilkira Soto

Wilkira Soto . 1 month ago

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Sandracrus Crus

Sandracrus Crus . 1 month ago

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Sandracrus Crus

Sandracrus Crus . 1 month ago

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Ozlem Mutlu

Ozlem Mutlu . 1 month ago

What we eat affects out brain and mood.


grease112 . 1 month ago

the L in 'calm' is silent

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