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Published on 12 months ago

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00:00 - Thank You/Update
04:17 - FUN PART


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➧10% off gamer supps with code BADGER: http://gamersupps.gg/?afmc=badger
➧WHY GAMER SUPPS?: https://vidio.asia/watch/hKIGSu1WkQw


Too many to list/name because I sometimes change up which colors go with which buddies in different videos. I'm sure if you look at any of my recent ones you're bound to find who you're looking for.


I Will Give You My All 2017: https://vidio.asia/watch/CommanderCH

Comments :

Pizza Time

Pizza Time . 12 months ago

Nobody: Bagel’s neck in the first 30 seconds: Eiffel Tower

Austin Wortham

Austin Wortham . 2 hours ago

Dude I'm special. Where's my free helmet

Man You Right

Man You Right . 5 hours ago

The best of me is a banger

-Sad hamster-

-Sad hamster- . 5 hours ago

1:07:00 dead ass actually sounds like a 1940’s clip


TheDungeonMister . 6 hours ago

what is the name of the song that one guy played on piano at 12:28?

Devcat27 Jogfastman

Devcat27 Jogfastman . 8 hours ago

Is one gram of uranium just 2000 bananas compressed into one gram?


top-o-can . 8 hours ago

27:36 bAm FuCkInG bO0zLE

Bones ShrinkingCoyote

Bones ShrinkingCoyote . 10 hours ago

Badgers out here looking like a young Bruce Campbell


MaelxMusic . 11 hours ago

“Nobody else has a Buffalo chicken sandwich that I like!!” I felt that

Evan Latiolais

Evan Latiolais . 12 hours ago

7:25when your low on ammo in any shooter game FIVE BULLETS LEFT!!!

Dakota Kirkland

Dakota Kirkland . 13 hours ago

Dang we are probably about to get a 2021

Kain Spangler

Kain Spangler . 14 hours ago

I just love how his buds genuinely get a laugh out of badger's fuckery especially at some of the shit he posts in their chats Heavenly: Go on Badger, show us your meme *whips out man with a whole ass water jug* Heavenly: That's a definite Kek right there my friend 🤣🤣 (Still can't find which video that's from lol)


HatersGonnaRate . 19 hours ago

I don’t understand why it’s so short. If it was truly the best of badger then it would have been waaaaaaay longer 😁

Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson . 20 hours ago

28:55 LET'S FUCKING GOOO 44:53

Bertie du Toit

Bertie du Toit . 21 hours ago

I once ate too much mustard on a sandwich. the next day l sat on the toilet for so long that l puked because of the putrid reak

winter night

winter night . 22 hours ago

Honestly just do it just makes it more funny

Drake Mitchel

Drake Mitchel . 24 hours ago

Idk bout yall but "There will come a day for mercy, today is not that day" feels so fucking powerful

James Beaver

James Beaver . 1 day ago

1:02:02 dear God.


AquaLuck . 1 day ago

Thank you badger for 1 hour of out of context clips

some roblox youtuber

some roblox youtuber . 1 day ago

46:49 Just putting this here so i can go back to it


D.P.G . 1 day ago

"Your up against the walking eye! I am the fucking wall-" -Bulldozer (or something I dont know) 2020

Matthias Vanier

Matthias Vanier . 1 day ago

It’s normal that the lower window of badger is full of gamer supps

Candie Price

Candie Price . 1 day ago

The only thing that badger ever did that got me kinda mad was when he said "fuck xbox" (around 1:03:00 )

Definitely not a nightmare

Definitely not a nightmare . 2 days ago

Thank you for a fantastic year and for great content that made me laugh my ass off!

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein . 2 days ago

11:41 - making the ATF proud.


Poatatoms . 2 days ago


JJ Burnett

JJ Burnett . 2 days ago


Izenheim reborn

Izenheim reborn . 2 days ago


Christopher Evans

Christopher Evans . 2 days ago


Evan Latiolais

Evan Latiolais . 2 days ago

At 25:37 in the video this is Patrick playing as cloaker in payday 2


Deftscissors . 2 days ago

i never get tired of this, I watch it over and over again and it always makes me have a good time, thanks for all the smiles BADGE


BULLET MELTER . 3 days ago

You kinda look like one of the guys from Lala Loopsy. It may just be me though.

Doc BooM

Doc BooM . 3 days ago

So like I get sponsorships are a nesscary evil but I made oath to comment a time stamp to skip the raid shadow legends ad's on every video that I find them on. I have been doing this for over three year's it is nothing personal, and I love your content but just as you must create the ads I must comment a time stamp too skip them.

Keadon kiri-williams

Keadon kiri-williams . 3 days ago

this is literally the 3rd video ive seen from this guy and hearing him talk bout making his video edits top quality every single frame, dunno if it was just his very best videos ive seen before this one but the quality of the jokes, sound effects, transisitions etc. were on point and didnt miss once, 10/10 creator ive seen for awhile


Charles . 3 days ago

43:37 Even insanity, i still eliminate.

Shiveenoda1 _

Shiveenoda1 _ . 3 days ago



TheScoobiestDoo . 3 days ago

The French use “noble beheading per railway strike” as a unit of measurement

Matthew Roddick

Matthew Roddick . 3 days ago

For those unaware, regarding triangular wounds being unable to close, that's no longer true, since most hospitals have special clamps that can at least close the wound and prevent bleeding out if it hasn't pierced vitals or an artery.

Dayton Budreau

Dayton Budreau . 3 days ago

Not me having watched this at least 17 times on my two accounts while waiting for best of 2021 to drop

Jackson Mead

Jackson Mead . 3 days ago

14:34 Why not? we fought Trees before....

Despaire games

Despaire games . 3 days ago

46:50 EhUÆÆÆŒUHH EhUÆhæŒ ahhhhh


Thegrimyeeter25 . 3 days ago

26:10 suprosonic12 u madman!

King Cobra

King Cobra . 3 days ago

The fact that Iowa is even mentioned anywhere, I'm amazed


JustDevon1 . 3 days ago


Zyward Z

Zyward Z . 4 days ago

It’s like my 30th time watching this video… still haven’t skipped that update cause it straight up makes my day.


Xamiakass . 4 days ago

lol so, nuking japan is a funny topic? it's not as funny as you 9/11. and nukes were even worse... check your racist chip on your shoulder :D

gicu doi

gicu doi . 4 days ago

1:07:15 us playing poppy play time : the prophecy was true


GrandpaShin . 4 days ago

“JOBAMA” -Master Oogway

Nikolai Taule

Nikolai Taule . 4 days ago

at 18:08 what game is that??

Logan P

Logan P . 4 days ago

Yall should check out splitgate

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