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How To Lose Belly Fat In 3 Days Super Fast! NO DIET NO EXERCISE


Published on 2 years ago

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OldFartUK . 10 hours ago

its very unlikely in 3 days .. no such thing as a quick fix

Sathya Narayana

Sathya Narayana . 2 days ago

I suffer hypoglycemia (low blood sugar after a meal that might last for 5-6 hours before dropping to dangerous levels), and since January 2020, I have gained 50 pounds/pounds (23 kilograms) while working from home. Can somebody advise me on how to lose weight and fat?

Alyanna Kasandra Abrera

Alyanna Kasandra Abrera . 2 days ago

omg, i will try this and i will update u guys in 1 week

Marie Grace Villamor

Marie Grace Villamor . 2 days ago

looking forward to do it soon .ciz after i give birt to my youngest my tummy never flatten again .its been 3years ..and i want to have my stomach look like im preggy🤣🤣

Nnyl SenoJ

Nnyl SenoJ . 3 days ago

Hi ma’am ask ko lng what best to drink before meal po or after ? I hope ma sagot thanks



Ask ko lng po if puwedi po yan sa hyperacidity?

pari chand thakur

pari chand thakur . 3 days ago

Do we have to drink it in the morning without eating something and how many hours we have to keep it in the fridge ?????


Hi . 3 days ago

Does it need to be hot when u drink it and how much to u drink each time cos i don’t have a jigger

Xeliene Ivy Mopra

Xeliene Ivy Mopra . 3 days ago

How do you drink this?before or after you eat?


saz9297 . 3 days ago

shall i listen your fast high volume music which is very much disturbing or watch your vdo about fat belly??

Judy Vic Tanduyan

Judy Vic Tanduyan . 3 days ago

It is okay if lime?

Brianny Matute

Brianny Matute . 4 days ago

Can this be tried with green lemon?

new year celebration 2019

new year celebration 2019 . 5 days ago

Who is here with me who want to lose or slim only belly fat and I don't want my body to lose weight becz I didn't fat over it's medium can anyone suggest me

Gudiya Parveen

Gudiya Parveen . 6 days ago

Khali pet pina hai ya nasta ke baad🙄koi batao mujhe plzzz

Opa Chawngthu

Opa Chawngthu . 6 days ago

I'll try this and update to you

Little T-reX

Little T-reX . 6 days ago

I've been drinking this for a week now. From 82 kg to 78.5 kg 👍👍👍😁😁 it works well on me. And no, I didn't do any exercise or dieting. I ate 3 meals a day with white rice at that since I can't live without rice. I used a shot glass when drinking this, 3 glasses every morning and night before you go to bed. I'll update again next week.

The Maze

The Maze . 6 days ago

can we use any kind of lemon?

Revuru Lakshmi Bhargavi

Revuru Lakshmi Bhargavi . 7 days ago

Nenu ee roju nunchi try chesthanu madam after I am observed

Catherine rose Cortez

Catherine rose Cortez . 1 week ago

Is it ok if we drink cold lemon and ginger? Or much better if warm


AcidicInk . 1 week ago

How about ginger powder and lime juice? Cuz that’s what I have

IxxI Lexi IxxI

IxxI Lexi IxxI . 1 week ago

i googled it and it siad it can reduce some kind of disseases like a heart disseas


_f3lix . 1 week ago

Brb i need this

Zaynel Dsbn

Zaynel Dsbn . 1 week ago

How to drink it? Before the meal or after the meal? Thanks for the response

man of good

man of good . 1 week ago

Any said affect


zephyr . 1 week ago

Hi, how much of this "Lemon-Ginger" water should someone drink per serving? The largest "jigger" glass I could find was under 4oz. Would 6oz be alright? Please advise. Thanks

SanTy Gaming

SanTy Gaming . 1 week ago

When want to drive this drinks ? Empty stomach or ?

Jessa Mae Soringa

Jessa Mae Soringa . 1 week ago

Ginagawa ko to simula April 2020 to December 2020 at legit! Nakaka burn sya ng belly fat. Di ko na sya ginagawa ngayon kaya eto meron ulit belly fat haha. Pero, gagawin ko na ulit yan.

Sumon Mondol

Sumon Mondol . 1 week ago

Thank you mam❤️

Akshaya Bodasu

Akshaya Bodasu . 1 week ago

Can we add salt

Renu Rana

Renu Rana . 1 week ago

I'll try and tell u the result 😀


Gojo_Satoro . 1 week ago

Hmm just asking a question can I substitute calamansi for lemon?Is it okay?

Stiven Toro

Stiven Toro . 1 week ago

I can't wait to start it looks promising combine with a change of my meal habits specially at night time!

Renu Chouhan

Renu Chouhan . 2 weeks ago

Please reply what's drink time

Renu Chouhan

Renu Chouhan . 2 weeks ago

When I'm drink the water morning or evening

Mohd Samad

Mohd Samad . 2 weeks ago

In morning

Ruth Celedonio

Ruth Celedonio . 2 weeks ago

Hindi po ba mapait


ROSALIN BEHERA . 2 weeks ago

Is it true

Banke Wunmi

Banke Wunmi . 2 weeks ago

Lemon is very effective for losing weight.I lost weight using this recipe 👇👇 https://youtu.be/kHCyt4ULf-w

Boi Asim

Boi Asim . 2 weeks ago

Coffee lemon in the morning that i am using right now, and the effect is stunning!!! Check my bio and you’ll see,


BSK CULT GARAGE . 2 weeks ago

Fake 😆

Thahira Buhary

Thahira Buhary . 2 weeks ago

Is tihs real

Kiran Amir

Kiran Amir . 2 weeks ago

Store kiya hua drink wasey hi pina h k heat kr k

azzi rayan

azzi rayan . 2 weeks ago

I did not find any medical evidence that it helps to burn fat. But still healthy.

Mark Cerwin

Mark Cerwin . 2 weeks ago

pwde ba lemonsito haha, lemonsito lng kasi available

xFitness Finesse

xFitness Finesse . 2 weeks ago

I lost belly fat tremendously in 2weeks only by doing these simple things Cut off snacking and i ate 2 times a day...... At 11am and 6/7pm....... Food cravings is all in your mind, you can easily control that, i can assure you I drank the lemon juice, I didn't dilute it with water I cutted off sugar and salt completely I did some belly fat excersises Nb: yu dont get results only by sitting at the couch or bed and drink the lemon water or ginger and watch YouTube videos or Instagram..... Put in the work, you'll see the benefits

Ralph Zamora

Ralph Zamora . 2 weeks ago

Drinking Lemon and coffee w/exercise is effective to my wife


One MILLION . 2 weeks ago

This is temporary solution so do exercise harder every day and exercise makes u update every day not this lemon juice 🥤

Rhiyen Margelino

Rhiyen Margelino . 2 weeks ago

Pwede ba to sa breast feeding

Arshana Ann Mary

Arshana Ann Mary . 3 weeks ago

When l can drink the lemon juice. Morning or night

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