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Hebbars Kitchen

Published on 4 months ago

full recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/3-fat-burning-drink-recipe-fat-burning/

3 fat burning drink recipe | fat burning tea | homemade drinks to lose belly fat with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and simple hot beverage drink for a healthy and effective way to reduce body fat and eventually to reduce body weight. these homemade beverages are not only easy and quick to prepare but also a refreshing drink for day to day use. apart from reducing the tummy fat, it is also rich in antioxidants and hence these can also be served as detox drinks and also to improve the health of the liver.

3 fat burning drink recipe | fat burning tea | homemade drinks to lose belly fat with step by step photo and video recipe. indian recipes are loaded with myriad types of snacks, desserts and curries which make them appealing. yet they do come with the problems of extra calories and bad fat which would gradually accumulate in our body and thus increasing our weight. but these can also be tackled with some simple and easy homemade remedies and this post includes 3 basic homemade drinks to lose belly fat in quick time.

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Hebbars Kitchen

Hebbars Kitchen . 4 months ago

are you looking to lose belly fat?? then you must try this drink early in the morning!! it really works... what is your secret drink to reduce fat?? please share. will be helpful!! full recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/3-fat-burning-drink-recipe-fat-burning/

Stella Carrier

Stella Carrier . 13 hours ago

I am feeling very happy at finding a YouTube video of these three types of drinks to try, each one of them seem like they would also be refreshing and tasty and easy to make.

Kjn Kanwar

Kjn Kanwar . 2 days ago

Your problem solution click hear

A.m biradar

A.m biradar . 3 days ago

How much days we store dis drinks..

anak desa

anak desa . 3 days ago

sangat bermanfaat

Help _

Help _ . 3 days ago

Hi Help Here, if U don't know about keto foods now would be a very! Good time to try these Healthy book recipes instructions: [in my photo, Then "ABOUT" right next to "CHANNELS"] That's it !~ Enjoy~

a human being

a human being . 4 days ago

Lol there is no magical juice that can help you lose fat in your belly because it doesn't work that way. Even if we say, you did lose weight, it's going to be all over your body or it will depend on your genetics. Just eat healthy and exercise. It doesn't even have to be on a fancy gym. I lost weight just by following YouTube exercises in my own home and by eating well.

Ari Luvlace

Ari Luvlace . 4 days ago

I have a 85oz water bottle and I added 2 cups of chia seed is that too much? Will I get constipated ? I am also looking to stay full with the mixture to fast for 20 days.

Matiur Rahman

Matiur Rahman . 6 days ago

No drink lost your belly fat

pragya mishra

pragya mishra . 6 days ago

How often to drink this in a day? @hebbarskitchen?


relentlessmadman . 6 days ago

Did you know looped music was invented to drive us all insane

Thandi nono Mkhize

Thandi nono Mkhize . 1 week ago

Can I ask you drink's it only morning or before or after meals

Pari Khan

Pari Khan . 1 week ago

Kya breastfeed mothers yeh drink p sakti hai.....please reply

Deepika T.R

Deepika T.R . 1 week ago

Can we drink this early morning in empty stomach?? Or what is the correct time to drink these??

Falguni Sarkar

Falguni Sarkar . 1 week ago

When to take it?

Aarti thaur

Aarti thaur . 1 week ago

I loved your video.....try out trim support capsules and guggul capsules from planet ayurveda.

Sarah Omer

Sarah Omer . 1 week ago

Why I think they r all going to taste bad? 😕

Hanok Anish

Hanok Anish . 2 weeks ago

This is detox water how I can drink this

Purple sky girl

Purple sky girl . 2 weeks ago

Sorry mam it's a pleasant drink

Purple sky girl

Purple sky girl . 2 weeks ago

Thnxs mam for your unpleasant drink it's very useful

Jacinta Lashley

Jacinta Lashley . 2 weeks ago

Try using organic foods. Limes without seeds frightens the daylights out of me. I would rather buy organic ginger than that cheap fat unhealthy looking ginger selling 88cents a lb. 😭 Go organic my dear if you are trying to be healthy. Bless

Kalyani Satapathy

Kalyani Satapathy . 2 weeks ago

Can you just reply the consumption time to get best benifit.....

Suja Naziruddin

Suja Naziruddin . 2 weeks ago


surohanreddy vuluvapalle

surohanreddy vuluvapalle . 2 weeks ago

Why all of your drinks are at 900ml only

Aadhya Gayu

Aadhya Gayu . 2 weeks ago

Mam does chia seeds cause any bad effects to uterus? I listened some where So i wanna clarify it out so kindly respond me mam

Risha Singh

Risha Singh . 2 weeks ago

Can I take this to school..


Bhavana Patel , ABSOLUTELY TRUE MESSAGE,I AGREED. . 2 weeks ago

Making is fine ,but what time you must consume it ? Before breakfast ? Before lunch ? Or after dinner ? When do you drink it to make it more effective fat loss ?

Biotox Gold For Weight loss

Biotox Gold For Weight loss . 2 weeks ago

𝗘𝘅𝗰𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗷𝗼𝗯

Snehal Chaudhari

Snehal Chaudhari . 2 weeks ago

When we take it at earky morning empty stomach or at night

Subbu Kmm

Subbu Kmm . 2 weeks ago

If u boil lemon , c vitamin will go off then how lemon will useful in this juice?

reshma mandi

reshma mandi . 3 weeks ago

Night padukone mundu teesukovadam?

reshma mandi

reshma mandi . 3 weeks ago

Night padukone mundu teesukovadam?

nurul hannan

nurul hannan . 3 weeks ago

Can we refrigerate the remaining juice? I heard it can be toxic if it cold, is it true?

Joan Glynn Ocbina

Joan Glynn Ocbina . 3 weeks ago

When to drink? after or before meal?

Sakhi Bhandari

Sakhi Bhandari . 3 weeks ago

Can someone tell me if this really work? Anyone with results?

Abida Rahman

Abida Rahman . 3 weeks ago

Teenagers can use it?

Jaini Dave

Jaini Dave . 3 weeks ago

Kitna pina hai ek bar me

anitha prabhakaran

anitha prabhakaran . 3 weeks ago

Babyku try pandravanga intha drink try pannalama

madhu bammidi

madhu bammidi . 3 weeks ago


tasnuba tabassum

tasnuba tabassum . 3 weeks ago

Can I store the cumin drink in the refrigerator and heat up in oven just a little bit Everytime I drink?

Aarshi Jain

Aarshi Jain . 3 weeks ago

Honey ki jagh gud ly skty h kya

Hajar The chimp

Hajar The chimp . 3 weeks ago

The only one I tried was the chia it is really good and healthy I might start making this everyday

Born to be Legendary ,Bros!!

Born to be Legendary ,Bros!! . 3 weeks ago

This may workout . Thanks for the Vid👍

M Ruthu

M Ruthu . 3 weeks ago

Hi. I am wellness coach.meeru healthy ga wieght loss avvali anukuntunnara nenu meeku help chesthanu..any body interested then contact me..my contact number is on my dp..

Gesh Chopra

Gesh Chopra . 3 weeks ago

How to drink this ?


lifewithinga . 3 weeks ago

Does this really work

Lindsay Nicole

Lindsay Nicole . 3 weeks ago

I had gastric bypass surgery 2 months ago, would this work for me, even though I'm 250 now and my heaviest was 334

jyoti sangwan

jyoti sangwan . 3 weeks ago

Din mai kitni bar le or hot le ya cold plz tell me

Pammy's cuisine

Pammy's cuisine . 3 weeks ago

Nice sharing dear 🤗😊🤗

Abdul Adam

Abdul Adam . 3 weeks ago

Spot reduction ( belly fat reduction ) isn't possible

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